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Okay.... memories of guard.... hmmm..... Okay, I think I've got some good ones.

-The Reno comp for fall season.  That was a good one because we got first place even though we had a bunch of newbies.  Plus that was the competition where we actually got to know the freshmen (and Shannon, of course; let's not forget Shannon!).  That was the beginning of the awesomeness we now call our team!  Yay!

-Orville last year, when we got that trophy that was taller than that one kid.... that was flippin' sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It was really cool because we got the really cool trophy and we got to sing "We Are The Champions".  It was the first time I really felt like the guard and the band were one... sorta.  Anyway, that was a fun competition.

-Oh, that one time when we all went to Lynn's house after the Reno competiton (you know, the sleepover that Tammy will never let us live down).  Anyway, after the freshmen and shannon left, Lynn, Bekah and I sat in Lynn's livingroom with containers full of cookies and crackers and other really unhealthy stuff and we totally gorged while watching Disney channel.  It was cool because Lynn usually eats healthy and stuff, but she totally let go and ate junk food and lazed around.  It was as if we all had hangovers, but we were just being lazy.  And we didn't have major headaches.  And we weren't puking.  It was the way we looked, okay? Anyway, that day pretty much rocked my socks.

Of course, our last competition was wicked awesome, and that goes without saying.  The cuddling, the constant sexual references... it was outrageous!

I think that's it.  I'm sure I can think up more if you all need me to....

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