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Nevada Union High School Gold Rush Color Guard

We are the Sexual Pirate Ducks!

Nevada Union High School Color Guard
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We are the Nevada Union High School Gold Rush Color Guard. Now that's a long name. Anyway we're all kind of insane, but we're cool like that. This is our place to communicate seeing as so many of us have livejournals it makes sense to have our own community. Because we are cool like that!

Ok so I'm gonna make some rules so things don't get out of hand
1. be nice, if there are any fights going on either keep them off of here or resolve them without being evil
2. no cussing! This is guard and Lynn will appear behind you and give you push ups if you do
3. other then that you can put anything on here. it doesn't have to be specifically about guard.

Well then have fun! And e-mail me if you have any qquestions. That's right Bekahs in charge!!!! *evil laugh*

Also if you like I'll be putting a little something about each memember on here. You can write one for yourself, or for someone else.

Ndeya is the ultimate master of diguise, she's incredibly sexy, and she should be given frequent hugs, and she should be cuddled constantly.
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