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Nevada Union High School Gold Rush Color Guard

We are the Sexual Pirate Ducks!

3/5/06 08:31 pm - alifeofregret - I just have a few things to say

So everyone have fun at the competition? I can't wait till we find out how we did. Hopefully we will tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow everyone looking forward to performing tomorrow? I know I am, I mean we get out of class so it's all good.

So I'm thinking I want to put together a scrap book and I want to include inside jokes from this year. So please comment on this entry with any and all inside jokes/qoutes from either this season or fall season.

Thank you much and see you all tomorrow.

3/2/06 06:18 pm - kiikii_usagi - *stare*

I had no idea how to join the community or post in it. BUT I HAVE PREVAILED!!! MWAHAHAHAA!!!! ... ... ... I think Corey's really starting to rub off on me... a bit too much... darn him... but not really... ANYWAY, I don't really have anything to say but WHY DID I HAVE TO STAY UP UNTIL 10 TO FINISH MY BLOODY PAPER IF WE WERE GOING TO HAVE A BLOODY SNOW DAY TODAY ANYWAY!!!! MARG!!! Needless to say, I think the snow has horribulous timing... that, and now I'm going to be getting frantic about the competition on Saturday, especially if we have another snow day tomorrow (which is possible according to the weather forecasters). Bah... *beats self with random stuffie* On another note, I need to find more icons...

3/2/06 03:03 pm - flaggirl1123 - Questions

hey, Bekah Are u makin that list????

3/2/06 02:50 pm - flaggirl1123

OK.....Hello all! It snowed!!! But the bad part...theres no practice *tear*. But My tosses on my lft are geting better!!!!!That makes me happy! So how is everyone? I cant really think of anythin else soooo.....Love You All!!!


3/2/06 01:08 pm - krazykurry - Diggity Dawgs!

Hello! It's me, your Pookie! oh come on, you knew it was me, you big bunch of.... lovely people!

Competition on Saturday! SWEET! I really can't wait! I was so sad when it snowed today!

So... am I supposed to answer questions or something? Do my crazy dance....? Oh, I'll do a *jig*!


That one was for you, Kourtney!

okay, I'm not sure what to type now... I'll come back later when I have an idea.

3/2/06 12:54 pm - alifeofregret - First Post

Well I finally made it. A livejournal community for the guard people with journals. I'm telling you this is gonna be insane.

So how is everyone? Enjoying the snow? I'm just hoping we can all get of our houses by Saturday for the competition. Ok Well I'm done for now. I'm off to tell you all about this community and continue making it awesome looking.

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